Install the Metapack package from PiPy with:

$ pip install metapack-build

Quick Start

Generate a new Metapack package with examples:

$ mp new -o -d tutorial -L -E -T "Quickstart Example Package"

You now have a Metapack package in the directory, with two example data resources. Build the data packages with:

$ mp build -f -e -z

Now the directory has a Zip, Excel and Filesystem package, along with links to each package’s unversioned name.

Explore the schema for one of the built packages with:

$ cd
$ mp info -s

And dump a sample of the data for a resource in a table format:

$ mp run -T

Also, open the Excel package ( to see the pretty formatting of the metadata, and the generated HTML documentation in

That’s just a quick preview of how the system works. For more details see Getting Started.

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