Row Transforms

f(v, row, row_n, i_s, i_d, header_s, header_d,scratch, errors, accumulator):

Yield rows for a Root.Datafile

When the function is listed as a transform for a column, it is called for every row of data.

  • v – The current value of the column

  • row – A RowProxy object for the whiole row.

  • row_n – The current row number.

  • i_s – The numeric index of the source column

  • i_d – The numeric index for the destination column

  • header_s – The name of the source column

  • header_d – The name of the destination column

  • scratch – A dict that can be used for storing any values. Persists between rows.

  • errors – A dict used to store error messages. Persists for all columns in a row, but not between rows.

  • accumulator – A dict for use in accumulating values, such as computing aggregates.


The final value to be supplied for the column.